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Corporate Social Responsibility

At ACR, our motto, In Asia. For Asia., is not only our business pledge to the region, it promises also our same firm commitment as a responsible corporate citizen who is dedicated to make a positive impact on improving the quality of people’s lives.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is firmly aligned with our business philosophy of creating sustainable corporate and social value to our stakeholders. We believe that enhancing the security and stability of Asia, particularly in the Asian insurance and reinsurance markets, is a core contribution that ACR can make in benefiting the Asian society. With a clear focus on integrating CSR further into ACR’s people culture and our core business processes, we seek to continue influencing positively the communities in which we operate.


ACR’s CSR programme is built upon four key cornerstones: Life Transformation, Sustainability and Development, Disaster Solutions and Relief, and Charitable Causes. These cornerstones are instrumental in enabling our business to operate in a sustainable manner.




Since its establishment in 2010, the cross-functional CSR Committee has been overseeing the further development and integration of CSR within ACR and its people. The CSR Committee has also appointed CSR Champions in its overseas offices to facilitate and lead CSR initiatives in their respective locations.

The CSR Committee spearheads ACR’s engagement in the four cornerstone areas. Within each of these areas, core principles and pragmatic objectives have been developed, refined and implemented to achieve a better understanding of CSR and its integration into our daily operations.

With strong support from the ACR management, the CSR Committee undertakes various projects designed to improve ACR’s efforts in benefiting communities, preserving the environment and contributing to sustainability both in the short and long term within Asia.


Fully-subsidised Family PA Secure Cover


With most low-income families in Singapore unable to afford insurance, ACR collaborated with SHC Capital Ltd and Beyond Social Services on a pioneering initiative to provide fully-subsidised personal accident and medical covers, up to limits agreed. The terms of the covers have been enhanced from the first year and extended to the second year to benefit over 400 families or almost 1,000 individuals. We are intending to extend this cover again in the third year of our collaboration.


Expanding Efforts in the Region


ACR has extended our CSR initiatives to Mainland China and Hong Kong.


We are currently involved with Aide et Action’s Early Childhood Care and Education project in Tiandong, Guangxi, China. The project focuses on educational development for the rural children in Tiandong. To enable this education to take place, we have been instrumental in supporting the building of a kindergarten. As we believe in involving our people, some employee representatives of ACR have visited Guangxi to contribute to the success of the programme.


In November 2012, employees from our Hong Kong branch office participated in the UNICEF Charity Run, to raise funds for UNICEF’s efforts in HIV/AIDs prevention works in over 150 countries.


Significant Past Projects


Wu Zhi Qiao Bridge Building Project


ACR collaborated with Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation on a bridge-building project in Xingyan Village (兴仁村), Yongsheng County of Lijiang. Construction of the bridge was completed in 2012 with recycled materials being used in the project. An ACR employee representative was also on site to contribute to the success of the project.


Early Learning Programme & Construction of a Kindergarten


In collaboration with Aide et Action, ACR oversaw the construction of a kindergarten building in Guangxi Province, Lijiang, China as the hardware for implementation of an early learning scheme for rural disadvantaged children. The official opening of the kindergarten was officiated by two ACR employees in June 2012.


Regional Disaster Relief

ACR has on many occasions provided assistance to the victims of natural disasters.


East Asian Monsoon Relief


ACR supported Mercy Relief’s efforts in the 2012 East Asian Monsoon through a contribution of 120 food and hygiene packs to the Philippines. The relief packs were distributed to displaced households in urban poor communities in Metro Manila, which were affected by the torrential rains during the year.


Thailand Flood Relief


ACR lent a helping hand to the victims of the floods in Thailand by donating an inflatable rescue boat to Mercy Relief and an outboard motor to help transport relief supplies to the affected areas, which were inaccessible by land vehicles.


Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief


A joint effort between ACR and its employees after the Tohoku earthquake and ensuing tsunami in 2011 helped raise approximately US$40,000 to support Mercy Relief’s Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief efforts.


Pakistan Flood Relief


In 2010, ACR donated US$5,000 to support Mercy Relief's Pakistan Flood Relief efforts. The majority of the donation was pledged for the purchase of a water purification unit system, which was sent to HANDS, an organisation operating a camp for 1,000 displaced persons in Sukkur City.


Education Support Programmes

ACR believes that education is fundamental to the development and progress of our society. The following initiatives form the basis of ACR’s commitment in giving back to our society through education and training.


ACR, in conjunction with Beyond Social Services, is reaching out to the community through a series of educational talks. The aim is to provide basic insurance knowledge to financially disadvantaged persons in Singapore and inform them of relevant government assistance schemes that may be available to them and their families. Representatives from our CSR committee have conducted two outreach sessions in 2012 and we continue to work closely with Beyond Social Services on opportunities to reach out to even more individuals who can benefit from this education.


•    ACR is lending its support to the establishment of the Yale-NUS College, Singapore, which will see its first intake of students in 2013.


•    ACR supports the new JY Pillay Global Asia NUS Programme, held in conjunction with Yale University, in Singapore.


Inclusive Efforts

ACR channels a significant amount of its CSR efforts internally as a means to inculcate a socially responsible mindset amongst our employees. Through our Employee Volunteer Leave Scheme and regular CSR staff briefings, we seek to encourage stronger CSR awareness and raise participation levels of CSR activities among all our employees across Asia.


Some examples of ACR staff involvement include:

•    The adoption of the elderly charity Lion Befrienders Service in Singapore;

•    Staff blood donation drives;

•    Supporting the Dining in the Dark programme by the Singapore Association of the Visually

     Handicapped for beneficiaries with sight disabilities;

•    Supporting Dignity Kitchen for beneficiaries who are mentally and physically challenged, and

     who are socially disadvantaged;

•   Supporting the Yellow Ribbon Foundation through efforts like Dining Behind Bars.


Our staff in Malaysia and Hong Kong also have CSR Champions to guide them in similar local projects. At ACR, we evidence a strong commitment to the ideals of corporate responsibility and sustainability.