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Business Line Types



We identify and underwrite quality aviation risks in Asia Pacific including the Middle East. We leverage on our excellent relationships as well as a network of contacts with brokers, cedants and clients, to provide coverage for airlines, airports, space and general aviation risks. Substantial capacity can be offered for high quality risks in the aviation and space sector.



We offer the expertise to underwrite casualty risks on both a proportional and non-proportional basis, covering a wide range of industries and exposures across lines of business, such as general liability, product liability, professional indemnity, personal accident, workmen’s compensation and employers’ liability. We also underwrite financial lines products including professional indemnity, bankers blanket bond, and directors and officers liability across the region.


Credit & Surety

We underwrite a range of specialised financial risks including trade credit, export credit, political risks and surety bonds, to provide cover for business entities engaging in commercial trade, cross-border investments and construction. With an in-depth understanding of the Asian capital markets, we work with clients and intermediaries to offer expert advice and tailored solutions for protection against financial losses.



We write a broad range of risks for both treaty programmes and facultative covers as we build our diversified portfolio of onshore and offshore energy risks throughout Asia. For onshore energy, the focus is on refineries and petrochemical plants. For offshore energy, we write risks, such as property damage for fixed production installations (platforms), sub-sea facilities, floating systems, loading buoys and pipelines. We also support exploration and development risks on- and offshore. This includes drilling, well control, construction works and third party liability.



We offer comprehensive engineering coverage that includes treaty programmes and facultative covers. We also offer risk management solutions for the Asian construction industry, such as complex construction and erection projects. These include power plants (from nuclear to hydro), utility, infrastructure, steel, paper, cement, telecommunication, wafer and petrochemical plants; and the construction of airports, skyscrapers, hotels, railways, roads, tunnels, pipelines, harbours and underground metros.



We write a well-balanced and diversified portfolio across Asia on a proportional and non-proportional basis. We enjoy good rapport with various ship owners and shipyards, and have a sound understanding of their operations. Our classes of business written include marine hull, marine cargo, marine liabilities, protection and indemnity, and builders’ risks.



We provide comprehensive medical reinsurance coverage, both on a proportional and non-proportional basis, such as medical insurance covering in- and out-patient treatments, including surgical expenses and critical illnesses.



We provide motor reinsurance coverage, such as third party liability and property damage risks from passenger and commercial fleet. We work closely with our clients to develop their motor insurance books by assisting them with portfolio analysis and pricing capabilities.



We underwrite a broad range of treaty programmes and facultative covers, on both a proportional and non proportional basis. In particular, we specialise in underwriting large-scale industrial and commercial risks, across industries such as power generation, telecommunications, ports and terminals, infrastructure, minerals and processing, and electronics and semi-conductors.