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Facultative & Specialty Reinsurance

ACR has established itself as a key facultative reinsurance player in the Asian risk landscape. With our in-depth specialist expertise and industry practice leadership, we are at the forefront to advise our clients of their reinsurance and risk solution needs across the value chain.


We take a customised and holistic approach, beginning at the organisational level and down to the specific risk sections our clients face in their business, offering tailor-made solutions to relieve their capital position through facultative and specialty reinsurance.


With facultative reinsurance – cover for individual risks – our clients are able to remove spikes of their risks and protect against large risk segment losses for efficient management of their capital. Through individual policy cover, our clients reduce excessive exposure and volatility in their underwriting results. 


Our clients recognise our established core competencies and leadership in risk management and loss prevention expertise unique to the Asian risks’ needs. Through strategic alliances and partnerships, we share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to advance their product, underwriting, risk and claims management system. We regularly provide trainings and skill-transferring sessions – workshops, seminars, market visitations and discussions – to our clients and strategic partners.


As the Asian risk landscape becomes increasingly complex with globalisation, climate change, catastrophic impact and emerging risks, we work with top class model solution providers to strengthen our interpretation and analysis of risks pertaining to Asia. We share with our long-term strategic partners our insights and market intelligence gathered through our expansive Asian network to assist them to better manage and price their risks.


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