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Client Management


At ACR, we understand the need for customised solutions to manage today’s increasingly complex Asian risk landscape. As such, our dedicated Client Management (CM) unit is committed to providing our clients with a holistic approach to formulate tailor-made solutions so as to help them better handle their challenges in meeting business objectives and regulatory requirements.


With our in-depth understanding of the Asian landscape and extensive risk management expertise, we are well-placed to offer strategic advice and a broad range of products and services which are unique to the Asian insurance industry. Through strategic dialogue, the CM works closely with clients to analyse specific needs and issues in their businesses, and puts together bespoke solutions that truly reflect and address their business requirements. The CM also helps clients develop their products, underwriting expertise and risk management system through regular discussions, trainings and workshops.


The CM team consists of highly trained and experienced individuals with in-depth analytical skills and technical know-how to accurately identify and devise innovative solutions for a wide range of risk schemes. Our client-focused approach ensures that we fully understand our clients’ needs, strategy and challenges while providing timely and effective services.


As the Asian risk landscape develops, we continually refine our awareness and analysis of the business environment pertaining to Asia and will tap on the market intelligence through our extensive Asian network to offer enhanced solutions to meet the business needs of our clients. 


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