Property & Engineering

Property & Engineering

Our broad range of facultative reinsurance solutions, available on both quota share and excess-of-loss bases, effectively addresses complex property and engineering risks.

In collaboration with cedants and intermediaries, we leverage our understanding of local market conditions and buying needs to develop sound, sustainable facultative structures that reduce potential volatility in your business.

These solutions are tailored for your business by our technical experts with strong civil, mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds and financial knowledge.

With our claims management capabilities centralised in our headquarters with direct access to top decision makers, you can expect your claims to be serviced efficiently. 


  • We cover large-scale industrial and commercial risks across heavy industries including:
    • Chemical
    • Mining
    • Real estate
    • Telecommunication & utilities
    • Semiconductors                                                                 
  • Our offerings include:
    • Property Damage (PD)
    • Business Interruption (BI) for Machinery Breakdown (MB)
    • Loss of Profits following Machinery Breakdown (MLOP)
    • Natural catastrophe standalone excess-of-loss


  • Our comprehensive risk management offerings include solutions for the construction industry, especially for complex projects such as:
    • Tunnelling
    • Building risks
    • Manufacturing
    • Power
    • Petrochemical construction                                    
  • Our offerings include coverage for:
    • Erection-all-risk (EAR)
    • Construction-all-risk (CAR)
    • Machinery breakdown (MB)
    • Loss of profits following machinery breakdown (MLOP)
    • Civil engineering completed risks (CECR) facilities


Nicolas Winter

Head of Property & Engineering, Facultative